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Delamin works closely with its customers to develop products to satisfy the exacting requirements of the Aerospace Industry. We are a strategic supplier of consistent products into this sector, with an enviable reputation as a world leader in high purity Magnesium Oxide powder and Nitriding salts.

The Delamin QPQ® process (Salt Ferritic Nitrocarburizing) for metal improvement applications produces outstanding wear resistance, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance, whilst maintaining dimensional integrity. This process is trusted in the treatment of aerospace components.



Metal Improvements

metal improvementsMetal improvements increases wear resistance, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance.

The Delamin QPQ® process together with range of Delamin Nitriding Bath products helps to achieve this. 


DEL-GEN™ PREMIUM [Nitriding Bath Regenerator Compound]

DEL-GEN™ PREMIUM is a proprietry melamine polymer used as a routine supplemental addition to an operating nitriding salt-bath to maintain the bath nitriding potential and operating efficiency. This is accomplished by the 'regenerator' reacting chemically with and converting non-desirable carbonates (sludge) formed during normal bath chemical reactions back to cyanates. 


DEL-NITE™ [Nitriding Base Salt]

DEL-NITE™ is a non-cyanide proprietary dry salt blend of alkaline and carbonate compounds formulated to meet or exceed the requirements of SAE AMS-2753C (Liquid Salt-Bath Ferritic Nitrocarburizing). It is the primary or 'base salt' for the ferritic nitrocarburizing process which is used to significantly enhance the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and fatigue properties of all ferrous materials and alloys, including cast irons and stainless steels. The process is used extensively for both automotive and appliance industry components as well as for many tooling applications in the fields of oil exploration and plastic moulding.


DEL-QUENCH™ [Oxidizing & Neutralizing Salts]

Del-Quench™ Standard is a proprietary salt consisting of alkaline nitrate and hydroxide compounds. It is used as a post-nitride 'quench bath'. This neutralises any potential cyanide compounds which may have formed as a result of nitriding bath reactions reacting with any nitriding salt residues adhering to the nitrided components or fixtures. A second and perhaps more important function from a part property and performance perspective is the formation on the part surface of a uniform Fe3O4 black oxide layer which greatly enhances the part corrosion resistance, lubricity and cosmetic appearance.

The oxidizing Quench bath is integral to the Delamin QPQ® Nitriding process.

Del-Quench™ HN [Hign Nitrate Replenishment Salt] is a higher nitrate formulation of Del-Quench™ Standard quench salt. This is used as a supplemental addition where excessive nitrate salt drag-out during normal operation tends to rapidly deplete the nitrate level below the recommended operating level of 5 % – 15 %.

Delamin® ST [Oxidizing Bath Starter Salt] is a proprietary quench salt used only when starting a new quench bath. It contains carbonate compounds in addition to alkaline nitrate and hydroxide compounds contained in the Del-Quench™ Standard composition. It is used to prevent the cosmetic problems (red surface) associated with new quench bath start-ups.



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