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In addition to effective performance in fire situations other considerations such as environmental impact, processing considerations and product after life are now influencing the choice of additives that are used to provide FR solutions in plastics.

Delflam™ is the latest development in our Nitrogen Flame Retardant programme and has now replaced the Delacal™ range.


Delflam™ is a range of zero halogen nitrogen flame retardant synergists manufactured from melamine resulting in homologues having higher thermal stability compared to pure melamine, melamine cyanurate, melamine polyphosphate and melamine formaldehyde.  

Delflam™ consists mainly of melem with a minor proportion of melam. Delflam™ enhances the performance of flame retardant polymer bases composites in key areas such as reduced peak heat release and smoke density. For detailed technical specifications please click here.


Fire testing

There is overall good synergistic performance at relatively low load levels. Optimization is around 2 % – 5 %.

The biggest noticeable properties are observed in cone calorimetry where there is a marked effect on smoke performance and peak heat rate.



Formulation Ca.ZB.OP L14-354-1-2 L14-354-1-5
Nylon (30% GF) 80 % 80 % 85 %
Delflam   3 % 2.5 %
Zinc Borate 0.5 % 0.5 % 0.5 %
Organo-Phosphate 8 % 7 % 2.5 %
CaCO3 11.5 % 9.5 % 9.5 %

(Test carried out in accordance with ISO 5660. The 'lower' curve represents the better performance.)

UL performance is maintained. There are no detrimental effects when incorporating Delflam™ into polymer systems. The low loading characteristic of Delflam™ provides the ability to replace the overall flame retardant with a generic filler that may further improve the mechanical performance.



Guide formulations

Formulation Ca.ZB.OP L14-354-1-5
Nylon (30% GF) 80 % 85 %
Delflam   2.5 %
Zinc Borate 0.5 % 0.5 %
Organo-Phosphate 8 % 2.5 %
CaCO3 11.5 % 9.5 %

(Test carried out in accordance with ISO 5660-1)

The formulations we have provided here are guides to express differences in specific performance criteria.

(Delflam can be incorporated as a low level synergist in wide range of existing formulations that will enhance performance, physical properties and production characteristics.)